Personal Growth

BCST is perfect for releasing physical, emotional and energetic blocks to living your best life

In-Person Sessions

BCST empowers your body to heal itself, creating more balance in the energetic, emotional and physical body. BCST interacts with your innate health, starting a ripple effect of healing within your body. You may notice your body relaxing, the release of stuck energy and new insights that shift places of restriction and congestion. You will feel better. 

Phone Sessions

BCST works the same way over the phone as in person. We are all made of energy that knows no limits or boundaries, which makes it possible for me to connect with your energy field long distance. We will talk more during a phone session to give me additional information on the subtle shifts taking place in your body.


Balances challenging emotional states


Drug-free relief


Painless, relaxing treatments


Works in-person or over the phone

Live Your Highest Potential

Accelerate Personal Growth

Need to move through old, stuck energy so you can grow? BCST efficiently supports you in releasing emotional blocks, creating more clarity, insight, and the ability to meet your goals with ease.

Mental Health and Clarity

Do you find you’re often distracted by the same emotional rabbit holes or prone to emotional triggers disporportate to what is actually going on in the moment? Let BCST provide you support in bringing yourself back into balance for a clearer perspective.

Stress and Anxiety

Is stress and anxiety really limiting your life? Whether your stress and/or anxiety is acute, or whether you’ve been struggling off and on for a long time, BCST is a powerful support in getting to the root causes and truly healing.


Depression is more than just feeling the blues; it’s a debilitating condition affecting your whole life. With BCST, you’ll feel more energetic, more purposeful, and more at peace so you can enjoy being who you are, living a life YOU LOVE!

Making Friends with Big Emotions

BCST has given me a chance to trust my body in a way that isn’t afforded to me in most other parts of my life. I really appreciate being able to connect to what is happening in my body and receiving affirmation and validation, allowing me to reconnect with myself more deeply.  It lets me move more authentically into my discomfort so that it can release and clear.  My sessions have taught me how to support my health process through being able to identify big emotions and make friends with them. It has assisted me in finding my voice in relationships to speak my truth and allows me to be more present and gentler with others and myself.

Laura Saunders, Photographer and Film Maker, Southwest Virginia

Relief from Anxiety and Depression

I started getting BCST sessions when I moved to AZ to finish my bachelor’s degree. I was dealing with anxiety and coming out of a depression stemming from loss and grief. I was in huge overwhelm. I tried BCST to address the root causes of my learning disability anxiety and depression in a more holistic way. Consistent sessions for over 10 years has helped me stabilize and really understand myself, identifying the unsupportive patterns that were running me, and healing trauma. I have created a job that I am passionate about, building a family with my husband and two dog children, and I am living true to myself with freedom and ease.

Kristin Lothrop, Director of HR of a Chicago Law office, La Grange, Illinois

Powerful and Convenient

I have worked with Joyce in person for over ten years. BCST has been so helpful for my recovering from a serious chronic condition. I wasn’t sure that shifting to a phone session would have the same impact. We tried it and to my surprise, it was powerful. I was dealing with a big stress at the time. I experienced releases and shifts in my body the same way as when we are in person. I’m excited to have this new way work together because it was actually easier and more convenient.

Mary Lothrop, Life Coach, Downer’s Grove, Illinois