Train with Joyce

Add BCST to your professional skill set and take your practice to the next level.

Advanced Professional Training

Healing from the Inside Out : Weekend Intro to BCST

Do you feel a heart-felt call to deepen your unique strengths and gifts in serving others?  With Joyce’s welcoming and experiential style, you’ll come away understanding how BCST will work through your gifts and current healing modality to provide maximum healing to your patients and clients.

BCST Foundation Course

Soaring Spirits LLC in Conjunction with The Giving Touch Massage School offers you a 700 hour, 3-year BCST professional development training program. You’ll receive empowering, individualized instruction on how to apply BCST using your unique gifts and current healing modality to provide maximum benefit for your patients and clients.

Prerequisite: Healing from the Inside Out: Weekend Intro to BCST

Healthcare Professionals

Help your patients’ heal quicker with the possibility of less medications. 


Set a new standard for your therapeutic practice by adding BCST to you skills. 

Movement Practitioners

Hone your hands-on skills to bring your students relief.

CranioSacral Therapists

Take your current practice to the next level.

Train with Joyce to set your practice above the rest.

About Me

Since 2007, I have taught over ten Foundation trainings.  I am an approved teacher with the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (BCTA/NA) and served on their Board of Directors for 3 years.

I completed my own 3-year BCST Foundation Training in 2003, which led me to an experience of health I did not know was possible.  I then began transitioning out of massage therapy and into a fully BCST based private practice. 

Strengthen your unique healing gifts

Promote powerful healing with gentle touch

Provide trauma release without drugs

BCST heals both practitioner and patient

 Mission & Vision

This 3-year-long, 700-hour BCST Foundation Training was specifically designed for health care professionals, movement practitioners, and therapeutic bodyworkers so the powerful healing benefits of BCST can reach more people quickly, improving healthcare worldwide. Soaring Spirits is dedicated to providing empowering, high-quality training based on the unique gifts of each student so that BCST can be offered via any professional healing modality. 

More Presence = More Healing

This foundation training taught me to be more present with myself, which translates into being more present with my patients, which allows for greater healing.

Ashley Russell, N.D, BCST, Fredricks, Maryland

Taking my practice to the next level, and then some!

I have been a somatic psychotherapist for 10 years and added BCST into my practice in 2017.  I use the principles of BCST every day, personally and in every session in my practice.  Whether I am offering a traditional BCST session or hands-off working with clients to track their own nervous system to process unresolved trauma, my BCST training informs how I share space with clients and trust their unfolding process.  Joyce as a teacher, created such a safe container for our class to engage our personal healing process which enriched our learning of this powerful modality.

Emily Saunders, LCSW, BCST, Tucson, Arizona

Free to be ME!

I have always had the belief and trust in the power of the body’s ability to heal itself.   I have always had the inclination to support others’ healing process through energy work, but didn’t have the framework or words for it.  Massage therapy was a limited doorway into that world.  My BCST training gave me the understanding and language to clearly and consistently support and empower my clients to heal themselves with  amazing results.  Confidence and trust in my own skills grew exponentially due to the consistent support from Joyce in the three-year  training.  The journey of embodying the principles of BCST thru my healing process was priceless and has allowed me to recognize and profoundly support the healing of trauma in others.

Marcie Walmsley, LMT, RCST®,  Phoenix, Arizona

Healing the Root Cause

I have been a holistic practitioner since 1995.  I became a naturopath in 2015.  As a healer, I have always searched for the root cause of dis-ease, and how to help the body regain balance and optimal health.  Adding BCST in 2018 opened up my awareness and healing capacities to an even deeper level.  I am able to assess more subtle information within the body.  In my BCST training, I learned to look for the Health in every person and how to support and strengthen it, instead of trying to fix what’s wrong or broken.  I refer to that concept consistently in my practice now.  I really appreciate Joyce’s patience and ability to explain difficult concepts so each student could understand and embody it.

Maggie Fox, ND, RCST®,  Seattle, WA



Why should I add BCST to my skill set?

BCST teaches practitioners to deeply listen to their clients and support their clients to profoundly heal from the inside outward.  It is gentle and compassionate, empowering the client’s system to go at the pace it needs to.   

Does this training offer a certification?

Graduating students receive a 364 hour certificate of Completion from The Giving Touch Massage School.  Graduating students can also complete additional requirements to apply for Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST) status with the  Biodynanmic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (BCTA/NA)

How much does it cost?

Each four day module costs $775.00.  Tuition is due a week before each module.