Pregnancy & Baby

Positive support for a healthy pregnancy, happy newborn and  growing children.

In-Person Sessions

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is an exciting time when the months may seem short, but the days long with uncomfortable or even threatening pregnancy-related ailments. BCST keeps your body in peak performance to provide you and your baby with the healthiest gestation and birth experience. My treatment table is especially equipped to support your growing belly so feel pampered throughout your entire session.

Phone Sessions

BCST works the same way over the phone as in person. We are all made of energy that knows no limits or boundaries, which makes it possible for me to connect with you and your unborn baby’s energy field long distance. We will talk more during a phone session to give me additional information on the subtle shifts taking place in your body.


Empowers your body for healthy pregnancy


Drug-free relief for pregnancy-related ailments


Speeds post-natal recovery for you and baby


Supports your child's healthy development throughout their childhood years into adulthood


Works in person or over the phone

Empower Your Pregnant Body & Spirit and your child’s!

Pregnancy-Related Health Concerns

BCST strengthens your taxed immune system to soothe or even prevent hypertention, swollen ankles, backache, heartburn, fatigue, morning sickness, emotionality, constipation,
fatigue and other health issues many women experience in pregnancy.

Healthy Fetal Growth

With regular visits, BCST supports your unborn baby’s healthy development. 

Post-Natal Recovery & Breastfeeding

Your body has a lot of work to do recovering from birth and caring for a newborn. BCST supports C-Section recovery and soothes postpartum depression, post-epidural complications, headaches, vaginal tears, and post-delivery fatigue. BCST can also help you balance for healthy milk production and an optimized breastfeeding experience.

Newborn Recovery

Being born is hard on a newborn’s body, resulting in colic, poor sleeping and difficulty regulating. BCST provides gentle, yet effective balancing so your baby is happy and healthy–and both you get some sleep!

Healthy Child Support

Growing up can be challenging and full of many physical and emotional surprises that can affect your child’s growth and development.  BCST throughout childhood can mitigate lasting affects of injuries, accidents and emotionally challenging events, and support cognitive learning.

Torticollis Amazing Results

My 6 month old daughter was diagnosed with Torticollis, a condition where her head is tilted towards one side, and the chin is elevated and turned in the other direction. Constant contraction of specific neck muscles played a large role. We have been working with a physical therapist. Our evaluation with the PT last month had her at 39th percentile in developmental motor skills. After just two BCST sessions within a month, she jumped to almost 70th percentile! I’m totally giving BCST the credit because we were diligent with the PT every week for 4 months & hadn’t seen this kind of results!

Tawny – Awesome Mom, Phoenix, Arizona