All trauma can be mitigated by love.

William Emerson

Accidents, surgery, injuries, the birth process, abusive situations and emotional shocks (to name just a few), can be traumatic experiences that have far reaching and often negative consequences on a person or animal’s quality of life. Traumatic events overwhelm the energetic system. One is unable to process the energetic input back to a neutral and balanced state.

In learning to identify and energetically resolve the effects of trauma in myself and others, I have learned that:

  • The function of trauma is to diminish consciousness so that the body can survive a perceived overwhelming experience.
  • All physiological aspects of the body can carry the impact of unresolved trauma.
  • Energetic bodywork is the a very direct way of gaining entry to the physical and energetic capacities for resolving trauma.
  • Energetic bodywork is a very safe and gentle way to interact with and reset the nervous system back to a place of peace and deep relaxation. It clears anxiety and responses to stressful situations that are out of proportion.
  • It is necessary to neutralize and re-pattern the experience of traumatic events and the impact they have on the quality of life.
  • Building positive attitudes and plans for action also resolves the energetic and neurological elements of  trauma.

The most important steps towards resolution can be uncovering the hidden opportunities for healing and growth in stressful and traumatic times.

I look forward to being of service to you!